Make It A Memorable Mother’s Day

The ageless celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 26, is almost here and it’s time to start choosing a gift that will make it that extra bit special. This year, say thanks to your first lady with something memorable. Whether it’s for your mum or for another maternal figure in your life, there are plenty of presents from fragrances and cosmetics to gadgets and jewellery that will help you show the love.

Traditionally gifts such as flowers and chocolates are given but whether you’re a traditionalist or you like to think a little bit out of the box, here are some of our favourite gifts available in the shops, and on offer, right now.



There are very few women who wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a sensational scent. From classic fragrances to modern scents, you can either play it safe or be bold and spoil her with a fragrance she may not necessarily buy for herself. As long as you know the type of fragrance she prefers, be it floral, oriental, woody or citrus, then you won’t go wrong. You’ll also get extra points for gift sets with complementary body and bath products, so shop wisely.

Look out for some amazing offers, exclusive deals and free gifts with purchase in specialist shops, departments stores and drugstores – such as Boots, Savers,


Give her the tools of the trade for a makeover. This is the perfect chance to treat her to a new make-up brand she always wanted to buy or inspire her to try new state-of-the-art cosmetics and make-up techniques. Choosing her some luxurious makeup is an amazing gift if she is a bit of beauty buff. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic red lipstick, some new nail polish or a handy palette. Look out in stores for fantastic free gifts with purchase especially on premium brands as you’ll get a lot more for your money, and gift sets packed full of fabulous products.

Superdrug, Boots, Savers and Semichem all have fantastic deals on branded products but if you’re feeling like you want to treat her something she wouldn’t buy herself then check out the cosmetics collections in New Look, Primark and other fashion retailers, and Argos has a great range of cosmetic accessories.

Beauty bargains from Boots:

Images: Boots
Images: Boots

Benefit Besties Gift Set now £15.00 – was £30.00
NYX Professional Makeup Love Contours All £20.00
Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes from £7.99 – Buy one get 2nd half price


If skincare, fragrance or makeup is not what you’re looking for, gadgets are always a good idea. Whether it’s a beauty gadget like a sonic facial brush, pedicure set or hair straighteners, a fitness gadget like a FitBit, a travel gadget or something for her pleasure such as a Kindle, DAB radio, a tablet or some stunning headphones, shop around for current offers. Check out stores like Argos as well as O2, EE, Vodafone and Three shops, Carphone Warehouse, Maplin, Clas Ohlsen, Supercuts and CeX.

Amazing ideas from Argos:

Images: Argos
Images: Argos

Braun Face Spa Electric Facial Cleansing Brush and Epilator £49.99 – was £99.99
Sensio Spa Complete Manicure and Pedicure £49.99
Roberts Radio Revival Mini Digital Radio Orange £139.99 – was £149.99


If you’re still stumped for a gift, then the tried and trusted gift of jewellery will always be received with thanks. Choose something with hearts and sparkles, which will make your gift extra special and more memorable. You don’t have to spend a lot to find some beautiful pieces with maximum impact. Shop in jewellery emporiums such as Warren James and F. Hinds to find fabulous bargains on jewellery, trinket boxes and ornaments.


Great gifts for your gorgeous guy

Finding the perfect gift for your perfect guy isn’t always easy, especially when Christmas gift buying has exhausted all your ideas. While you could opt for a tie, socks or body wash like everyone else, there are dozens of other gifts the man in your life will appreciate much more. From spa products (yes, men love them too) to portable accessories that will make his life much easier, these ideas will help you find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Image: Debenhams
Image: Debenhams



For the ultimate gift for the most discerning of men, choose the ultimate gadget. Buy him the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and you will be in his good books forever more, plus it gives him someone else to speak to when you’re not around!

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, answer questions, and it will keep him up to date with news, weather, sports scores and much more. All he has to do is ask. SO next time he wants to order a take-away, control the heating or do the shopping, he can get Alexa to do it for him instead of you.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot £49.99 from Maplin & Argos
Amazon Echo £149.99 from Maplin & Argos



Play to his senses and treat him to some luxurious pampering products. Why not encourage him to take time out for himself and give him the products he needs to have his very own at home spa day?

The Nip + Man men’s range at Superdrug and at Boots is just what he needs to caress his skin so you’ll want to caress his muscles. The Ab Fix and Bicep Fix are both lightweight, fast acting gels which will help to improve skin tone and texture and improve elasticity of the skin. There’s also a range of products to keep his face silky smooth for your touch.

Image: Nip+Fab
Image: Nip+Fab

Nip + Man Ab Fix £9.97, Nip + Man Bicep Fix £12.95
Nip + Man AfterShave Power Lotion, Nip + Man Daily Power Moisturiser & Nip + Man Scrubbing Facial Wash, all £3.97 from Superdrug & Boots



A new fragrance for men that smoulders with masculinity is JIMMY CHOO MAN and JIMMY CHOO MAN INTENSE. This luxurious scent captures the spirit of the Jimmy Choo man and has an accent of Black Pepper and a trio of new notes to bolster its Amber base. Honeydew Melon adds a watery freshness whilst Davana oil gives a sensual quality and Tonka Bean brings an almond-meets-tobacco edge that’s warm and intensely masculine. Buy it at Superdrug, Boots and The Perfume Shop.

Images: Jimmy Choo
Images: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette 50ml & Body 100ml Gift Set £30.00 Superdrug
Jimmy Choo Man Intense from £45 at The Perfume Shop and Boots
Jimmy Choo Man from £29 at The Perfume Shop and Boots



Nothing says I love more than a cutesy lovable gift and Poundworld has them in droves. From scented car fresheners to teddy bears, magnets, mugs, toys and more, fill a stocking (preferably one of yours) with a range of slushy gifts that will mark the occasion.

Images: Poundworld
Images: Poundworld

Spoil her with enduring hearts and flowers

Gorgeous gifts and gastronomic delights is the stuff Valentine’s Day is made of, so why not treat the lady in your life to memorable gifts that speak a thousand words? Aside from decadent chocolates and beautiful blooms, show her your love with some beautiful luxurious lingerie, sparkly gems for sparkly eyes, fragrant bouquets in a bottle, gifts of relaxation or a fashionable object of desire. Here’s how to be guided by your heart without breaking the bank.

Image: Debenhams
Image: Debenhams



Think laterally when it comes to hearts and flowers and you can’t go wrong. The high street is awash with heart shaped jewellery, fashion accessories, keepsakes, and novelty gifts and of course lingerie, and all at loveable prices. From coffee mugs to silver tealights, beautiful body products and affordable arm candy, as well as chocolates that look too good to eat, these are some extra ways you can show her how much you care in addition to buying 12 long stems of roses.

Images: Peacocks
Images: Peacocks

We love Peacocks offering for Valentine’s Day where you will find gifts for your lady that are truly novel, and with many under £10.

Pink Pugs & Hugs Valentines Coffee Take Out Cup £4.00
Diamante Pink Heart Key Ring £3.50
Grey Embossed Robe £22 and Slippers £7.00



Pull out the stops and give her a version of it that she can enjoy. We love these modern classics from Warren James Jewellers, Hotel Chocolat and Argos.

Images: Warren James
Images: Warren James

Sarah Sterling Silver Diamond Two Colour Heart Necklace £35.00
The Petra Heart Bangle Made With Swarovski® Crystals £28.00
Petra Heart Earrings Made With Swarovski® Crystals £10.00

Image: Hotel Chocolat
Image: Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Valentines Sleekster £22.50

Images: Argos
Images: Argos

Argos Heart of House Juliette Mirror Heart Tea Light Tray £24.99
Argos 9ct White Gold Diamond Set Heart Pendant £69.99



From fragrant gifts of relaxation from M&S to on-trend floral embroidered arm candy, these are the gifts to go for that will last longer than the day itself.

Images: M&S
Images: M&S

M&S Florentyna Soap Roses £5.00
M&S La Maison de Senteurs Scented Hanging Heart Trio £9.50 and Body Lotion £7.50

Image: Bronnley
Image: Bronnley

Bronnley Pink Peony & Rhubarb Collection £16.50 from Boots

Images: Miss Selfridge, M&S, Accessorize
Images: Miss Selfridge, M&S, Accessorize

Miss Selfridge White Floral Embroidered Bag £49.00
M&S The Embroidered Twistlock £27.50
Accessorize Poppy Embroidered Saddle Bag £29.00



Luxurious, sexy, sweet, endearing and stylish lingerie is always a valentine’s hit. Whether she prefers simple sporty cottons or sumptuous silk, satin and lace, you are certain to find something both of you will adore, and at prices you can afford. You won’t need to look too far either because almost every fashion retailer, supermarket and department store has a lingerie offer this time of year.

Image: Primark
Image: Primark

Primark lingerie from £5.00

Images: George at Asda
Images: George at Asda

George at Asda nightwear and lingerie from £5.00


New Year, New You?

The Christmas holidays are over and with any luck you’ve started the New Year feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to embrace the new you. What better way to give yourself an all over health boost than to assess your fitness, your natural vitamin intake and your mental wellbeing?


Whether you take up Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Running or any other sport, make sure you have the right gear. Invest in quality gear and you’ll feel twice as guilty at letting your classes slide halfway through January, or giving up at the first hurdle. From designer to high-street, the shops are full of new season sportswear that combine fashion and function in a high performance mix to take your training to new levels from winter right through to summer. You’ll improve your comfort and performance in breathable, durable, design-focused sportswear wear. Look out for fast drying fabrics, specifically designed to regulate temperature such as sweat-wicking fabrics on vests for indoor training and thermal, long-sleeved tops for outdoor exercise.

Image: Sportswear by Primark

New Look has a new sports collection that takes active wear to the extreme, with bold neon hues and vivid abstract prints, the selection offers on-trend back to basics of hoodies and sweats, perfect both in and out of the gym; while this season’s sportswear for women from Primark and Peacocks boasts form-flattering gym clothes. All the high street retailers offer purse friendly prices so you can slog it out for less.

Image: Sportswear by New Look

You may also want to get in on the act at home. There is plenty of at-home exercise equipment around in the sales. Whether you only invest in a pair of dumbbells and an activity tracker from Argos, JD Sports or Maplin, or go the whole mile and splurge on a treadmill or an exercise bike, January is when all the great deals are there for the taking, so do your homework.



Top up your vitamin intake, give yourself an energy boost, and start juicing.

For super healthy juices use a cold-press as it retains the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes that promise to help you lose weight, boost immunity and cleanse your system. Because cold-press juicers don’t produce as much heat it means they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact so that your purple beet juices, green kale juices and orange carrot juice are bursting with goodness. Take a look in department and electronic stores now for some of the best bargains you’ll find all year.


Alternatively you can create a juice-smoothie. Get your money’s worth from your juicer and using a blender add bulky fruits or other ingredients that aren’t juicer friendly. Whereas a regular vegetable or fruit juices can leave you hungry a couple of hours later, if you blend a super nutritious juice with a banana and some crushed flaxseeds, chia seeds or nuts, you’ve a more substantial concoction that is absorbed slower and will keep you going until lunch.

Image: Holland & Barrett

Visit a Holland & Barrett or your local health food shop and ask them to talk you through the properties of all seeds and nuts available to you for juicing and for snacking on.


Your wellbeing is as important as your fitness and your diet. Feed your mind with the power of knowledge, and your body and soul will benefit. This is the month where you will find a multitude of self-help books and DVD’s available.

Image: WHSmith

WHSmith and Waterstones both have a large variety of titles, many of which are in the sale. From learning the relaxing art of Tai Chi at home and achieving a strong body with daily Pilates, to discovering the art of Clean Cooking and safe ways to detox. There is a book or a DVD to show you the way.


Be brave and bag a fashion bargain

Love it or loathe them, there’s no denying you can pick up some serious clothing bargains at the January sales. Yes they may have started in December but for real bargains, January is the time to shop, you just have to make it through the carnage first.

Sale shopping for clothes certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it is far from pleasurable and relaxing, but it’s a shopping experience incomparable with any other. There is nothing that beats the feeling of euphoria you get when you snap up a fashion bargain or a modern classic at a steal worthy price.

One thing any frequent fashion bargain shopper will tell you is that you can’t just wander in to a sale store without first being mentally and physically prepared. Take these tips and steam ahead, you’ll thank us later.


Shop first thing in the morning to avoid hoards of people and the long queues at the tills. You also get the added bonus of getting to see all the neatly folded piles of merchandise and size arranged hanging rails before the masses appear and it’s like Armageddon.


You can get some serious steals in the sales, but don’t be misguided by the tat that is thrown in too. Ask yourself if you really need those novelty items and will you wear them at least once. However, don’t be put off if all you seem to be finding is rubbish. The gems are there, they’re just hiding! Make sure you hone your sifting skills and that you arrive fully fed and watered so you’re ready to get stuck in!



As you and everyone else around you will be doing equal amounts of rummaging, the place is likely to look a complete shambles, especially the later it is in the day that you go. Don’t be put off though by the mess and treat it like a clothing treasure hunt, and if you want to be kind to others, why not fold up your own cast-offs? There isn’t a shop assistant on the planet that enjoys dealing with this carnage!


Be prepared to try on your bargains before you buy. You wouldn’t buy something without ever trying it on usually, so why would you do it in the sale? Don’t be put off by the fifty thousand people in the queue, unless you fancy waiting in a returns and exchanges queue within the next 7 days, or worst still, there is no exchange or refund available on this bargain buy of yours, so make sure you brave the changing room. Alternatively be a super savvy shopper and attempt to try on your bargain buy on the shop floor without causing a scene. Leggings and vest are the perfect attire for sale shopping.


There will be queues. You will be impatient. A good sign of a fabulous sale is a decent queue, so be prepared to join it. Do not cave in at the last hurdle and abandon your bargains whilst in the line. Be assured that the majority of the time the queues do look longer and scarier than they really are, so have faith. Tip: Try the queues in the men’s and kids sections as they are usually shorter, which could reduce the amount of time you spend waiting to be served, so make sure you check there first.



One of the first things you’ll notice about the sale in any store are the massive baskets for you to put all your shopping in, and that’s because they want you to buy everything. And while most items might be individually quite cheap, it all adds up until suddenly you have blown your budget in one store. Take a minute to go through the contents of your basket once more before reaching the till and ask yourself if you really need everything in it.

You could find your item cheaper elsewhere if you look hard enough and if you think something’s still a bit pricey, leave it and do some price checking elsewhere. Also, if there’s something wrong with your item such as a stain, then ask for a discount!


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Happy Shopping!


If your Christmas table could talk

The one time of the year you’ll want to spruce up your dining table is Christmas Day. Luckily the shops have been full of table ornaments, Christmas Crackers, tablecloths and decorations for weeks now. From traditional themes in hues of red, gold and green to the icy whites and sparkling silvers that can create a winter wonderland in your home. For some innovative ways to dress up your Christmas table read on, and let your table do the talking.



It is the little touches made to your table presentation that’ll get you into the Christmas spirit. Starting with the basics, tablecloths are a must but don’t have to be the norm, a great alternative is to use three table runners across widthways to give a festive look with a difference, else you may want to opt for novelty PVC tablecloths. They are the perfect answer to Christmas Day spills and thrills and purse friendly as well.



Whether you’re serving up Christmas dinner on the plate, or you’re bringing all the food to the table, either way you will need to think about how your table space is organised. Drinks, condiments, Christmas Crackers and decorations will all be jostling for space alongside platters and dishes of food, so give a little bit of thought to how the space available is organised.

Think about dressing the centre of the table lengthways, and whether you’ll be decorating with natural branches of Nordic spruce, and mistletoe, with candles and Christmas plants such as Poinsettias or Cyclamen, or tinsel and crystals. For a truly modern approach, why not light up your table in Marquee letters? These low voltage lights are the perfect centrepiece as they run on batteries, making it easier to stand down the middle of the table.

Image: Home Bargains

Image: Home Bargains


The Christmas meal is probably the most important meal of the year, and bespoke place settings are really important to make guests feel extra special, it’s the little individual touches they’ll remember most of all. Why not make personalised place settings, use novelty glasses and festive straws and napkins that make a statement? Whether you go for a modern style full-on Christmas party or for an opulent and traditional look, it is the detail that will be remembered.

Images: Poundworld

Images: Poundworld


If you really want to push the gravy boat out, then ditch your usual crockery and add a little sparkle by transforming your table with practical ovenware and stunning tableware. Look for elegant white porcelain with speckles of silver and gold to give a sophisticated and fabulously festive look. The wonderful thing about white porcelain with metallic sparkles is that it can be combined with almost any colour scheme – looking great alongside white, silver, or even red for a pop of Christmassy colour. If you don’t already have something like this then you can buy some gorgeous and great value 12 piece sets in the stores now.

Images: Wilko

Images: Wilko


Now armed with a few simple rules you’ll be able to surprise and impress all your guests. In the words of Elsie De Wolfe actress and interior decorator, when asked about what makes a good hostess, she replied “Be pretty if you can. Be Witty if you must. But be gracious if it kills you”!

If your table could talk, would it say the same?



Make scents of your presents

Choosing a fragrance to give someone as a gift can be tough and can be either the most thoughtful or the most thoughtless gift possible. Just ask anyone who has received a gorgeous, expensive bottle of scent and immediately shoved it to the back of his or her cupboard to collect dust, or heavens forbid, to be recycled! Not only is an incorrect purchase a waste of money, every time you ask the recipient whether they like it and are wearing it, it will cause tension.

A well-chosen fragrance, on the other hand, is a gift that will remind them of your goodwill every single time that they wear it. It’s the same thing that makes scent so subjective, namely, how personal it is, that makes giving it as a gift worth the risk. Not only is it thoughtful, indulgent, and can be used every day, it is a luxury that everyone loves to receive. It is far easier to buy a bad fragrance than a good one. So if you’re hitting the fragrance counter, you’ll need the right steps to sniffing out the perfect scent for those on your gift list.



Do some preliminary detective work. If you can find out what fragrance your recipient normally wears and look at the fragrances they already have, your best bet is to buy something similar. Look up the base notes and search for something comparable in-store, and if that sounds too much like hard work then speak to a sales advisor, they are usually well informed on the latest and the greatest scents and the ingredients used.


You’ll want to take the nose test, especially if you’re buying a new fragrance for a partner. However it is too easy for your nose to get overwhelmed. When this happens everything will smell the same and you’ll have a banging headache, so keep it limited to a few fragrances at a time, move to a different department or visit another store and wait 30 minutes for the fragrance to develop, then smell it again later before you commit. It helps if you do know whether you are looking for a citrus, woody, floral or oriental scent; try them in batches for ease.



Whether as an accompaniment to a fragrance or bought alone, carefully chosen bath and body products can bring just as much joy as an expensive perfume. A beautifully scented shower gel, body lotion or bath oil is a good way to give perfume because you don’t have to get your recipients taste exactly right, which makes it the perfect gift for someone you don’t know very well, nor want to offend.

If you really want to take a risk then the ultimate gift is a luxurious gift set containing the fragrance of choice together with bath and body goodies. Look out for special and limited editions and free gifts with purchase that can be anything from a cosmetic bag, a weekend overnight bag or a shopping tote.



If you’re really stumped but don’t want to resort to shower gels, gift boxes filled with several sample size fragrances can help you get around the problem. Look around for miniature sets, which contain small bottles of different fragrances in a range. It will give your recipient a whole wardrobe of different choices.



If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, go with a candle. A candle can be just as personal and is a little luxury that is guaranteed to please even the pickiest of recipients. If someone loves to cook, give a lavender-scented candle, which complements the smell of food in a kitchen. If they like to entertain, choose a rose or a citrus-based candle, and for a partner, choose rich, comforting scents like tuberose and sandalwood. At this time of year anything that smells like Christmas is good such as think bitter orange and festive incense.




  • Save 10% on selected luxury gift sets
  • Save between 10% and 50% on selected luxury fragrances
  • Save £10 on selected designer fragrances
  • Free gifts with purchase on selected fragrances. Ask in-store for details


  • Savings on a range of celebrity fragrances
  • Save 50% off selected Calvin Klein fragrances
  • Exclusive gift sets including David Beckham Beyond, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Beyoncé Heat Seduction and Katy Perry Mad Love


  • Save up to 50% off selected designer fragrances
  • Double Points on fragrance gift sets
  • Save on big bottles of 100ml or more
  • Free Ruby Reindeer when you spend £30 or more on fragrances in-store
  • Free gifts with selected purchases of Hugo Boss The Scent, Coach for Her, Crush by Rihanna, Paul Smith Essential and Zadig & Voltaire

The Perfume Shop

  • Save up to £15 off selected Paco Rabanne fragrances
  • Save up to 33% off Emporio Armani fragrances
  • Save up to 59% off selected designer fragrances
  • Half price Hugo Boss gifts sets
  • Free gifts with purchase from Diesel, Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Joop!, DKNY, Lacoste, Juicy Couture, Lancôme, Cheryl, Estee Lauder and many more!

Have yourself a Christmas Knit-ivity

When it comes to Christmas, the festive jumper is its sartorial hallmark. But it needn’t be a vulgarity contest and you needn’t conjure up knit nightmares – far from it. Aside from the fact that the Christmas Jumper is the only seasonal garment that truly levels the playing field between the sexes, there are plenty of designs out there to make you rethink and embrace it. So if you’re ready to don a Christmas jumper and not be heckled for it, then read on.

Primark Primark

Whether you prefer a traditional Fair Isle or a glitzy number, you’ll find styles on the high street that are wacky, tacky, stylish, chic and fun. From flashing baubles and ninja gingerbread men, to Star Wars and snow-scene inspired knits, Crimbo jumpers for video game and football fans, and traditional winter animals, sassy slogans and silly snowmen, wear yours with cheer on Christmas Jumper Day (15th December), and make it the perfect solution for your ‘what to wear on Christmas Day’ dilemma.



If you still want a nod to the festive season without going full on novelty, then Fair Isle is the style for you. The Scandi inspired style adds just enough festive cheer without making you feel as decorated as the tree. Look for cool creams and oatmeal hues to keep an air of sophistication, or stick to monochrome and add an animal intarsia, a snowflake or some lurex and beading for a hint of Christmas cheer. When else can you wear a polar bear across your chest? Look in-store at M&S, Primark and New Look for some sophisticated Scandi style.


M&S, Primark, New Look


Sequins can be chic if they are embellished onto a marl grey background and kept minimal. Look for chic slogans, gingerbread men and Christmas dogs and bunnies with a less is more attitude to style. We love the selection in-store at M&S, H&M and Topshop, they have styles that will help you retain your street cred.



Less tacky than a full on novelty jumper is one with just a hint of Christmas. Style out your Reindeer, Christmas Pudding, Robins and Christmas Tree in embellished sequins on a plain knit. Novelty but nice, we have discovered that Dorothy Perkins has the largest selection of embellished novelty knits without the tacky factor.

 Dorothy Perkins


From novelty to Nordic, let’s face it, men can get away with the most ridiculous of Christmas jumpers but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice on style.

 H&M, M&S, Burton

H&M, M&S, Burton

Look at Burton, M&S, H&M for a stylish twist on the classic novelty Christmas knit. You could almost call these jumpers pieces of art!




Look in-store at Peacocks, Next, George at Asda, M&S, River Island, H&M and Tesco for a collection of cutesy Christmas Jumpers the kids will love.

 Marks & Spencer. Next, H&M

Marks & Spencer. Next, H&M

From novelty knits that countdown the days until Santa arrives from George at Asda, to traditional zig-zag patterns with slogans on the chest from River Island and M&S, or cute Lapland Bus appliqué knits from Next to light up pom poms on Rudolph from Tesco and Gangsta Santa from Peacocks, the selection on the high street for kids is bang on trend and great for mini fashionistas.

 Tesco, Next, Peacocks

Tesco, Next, Peacocks

 George at Asda, River Island

George at Asda, River Island

Merry Christmas








May the festive force be with you

With the new film Star Wars: Rogue One being released on the 15 December of this year, you can expect there to be a lot of hype around Star Wars merchandise. For Star Wars geeks this is heaven, and it has come just in time for Christmas. Why not gift your very own Star Wars fan with the ultimate Christmas present? From gadgets to state of the art tech, gaming accessories, LEGO, homewares, clothing and more, this is a small taster of what you can find on the high street to make it a Christmas to remember. Hit the pavements, and may the force be with you, just don’t look for the toaster in the UK as you’ll be hard pushed to find it!


There are Star Wars gadgets, robots, PC’s, drones and speakers all infiltrating the high street. Our favourite Star Wars tech includes the much sought after Sphero BB-8, HP’s Special Edition Star Wars Laptop and the Millennium Falcon Drone. These are big toys for big kids, so shop around to get the best price.


Sphero BB-8: RRP £129.95

One of Star Wars’ best loved characters, BB-8, is a spherical droid with a sense of humour in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Treat someone to the remote control version of the droid and watch him or her have hours of fun. This small ball-like gadget can be guided via a smartphone, responds to voice commands, and can also project video footage.

Star Wars Special Edition HP Laptop: RRP £479

HP has launched an official Star Wars laptop. The 15.6in model has a “battle-worn” distressed design with “Galactic Empire” written in the Aurebesh font on the hinge and Stormtroopers on the keyboard deck. The touchpad design mirrors the X-Wing Star Fighter Guidance System and the red backlit keyboard completes the dark-side design. This is the geek chic of laptops.

Millennium Falcon Drone: RRP £99.99

Of all the spacecraft from the Star Wars universe, the Millennium Falcon is the most iconic. If someone you know has ever dreamt of piloting the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy then this is the perfect gift for him or her. This new drone version of the Millennium Falcon by Thinkway Toys can fly and perform a few cool manoeuvres.


Star Wars Hero Bluetooth Portable Speaker: RRP £49.99

These Star Wars speakers not only look super cool they sound powerful enough to propel music through space. The design features a light up speaker and a clear stand so it looks like it is flying through the galaxy. It has a rechargeable USB with 8 hours play time, so you can take it anywhere on the planet and listen wirelessly from up to 30ft. It has an easy Bluetooth setup from an iPod, smartphone or table plus a standard 3.5mm jack to connect devices without Bluetooth. Whoever you buy this for will love the built-in microphone that connects with Bluetooth enabled phones so they can Facetime or Skype as well.

Star Wars C-3PO Bluetooth Speaker: RRP £149.00

Almost every Star Wars fan loves C-3PO. These speakers are beautifully designed, can act as a hands-free speaker for calls, as well as playing music in high quality. The head’s eyes light up when turned on and it’s easily charged via USB. It may be pricey but it is worth it for the audio quality. This is another tick in the box for grown-up Star Wars fans.


Many a man and child will come into their own when it comes to LEGO, and mastering the force of Star Wars LEGO will provide hours of fun and creative play for adults and children. There is an abundance of LEGO Star Wars play sets on the high street for all different ages, featuring vehicles, minifigure characters, locations, and buildable figures from the Star Wars films. If you’re after a few hours of peace and quiet in your home, then snap up one of these masterpieces from toy shops and departments stores. Hunt around for special offers and Christmas price promotions, as you’ll find many will have money off.


LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter: RRP £64.99

Battle the forces of the First Order with Poe’s X-Wing Fighter. This customised starfighter is packed with features, like the 4 spring-loaded shooters, 2 stud shooters, retractable landing gear, opening wings, opening cockpit with space for a minifigure and space behind for the BB-8 Astromech Droid.

LEGO Millennium Falcon: RRP: £129.99

There are hundreds of incredible Star Wars LEGO sets, but the ultimate LEGO craft in the galaxy has got to be the Millennium Falcon. This is the mother ship of all LEGO sets with over 1300 pieces. If you’re buying for a child then be prepared to help them, just try not to take over and do it all yourself!

LEGO Slave 1: RRP £169.99

Another amazing Star Wars set is Slave 1. It features a rotating cockpit and wings for flight and landing mode, plus dual shooters and hidden blasters to repel attackers. Perfect for big kids who want to re-enact the capture of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Complete with a display stand it includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Boba Fett, Bespin Guard, Stormtrooper and Han Solo.

LEGO Sergeant Jyn Erso Figure: RRP £19.99

Anyone of any age can take on the Empire with this buildable Jyn Erso figure. Featuring a blaster rifle with spring-loaded shooter, wheel-operated arm-swinging battle function, and detachable back-mounted truncheons, this durable figure is just the thing for recreating intense battles from the new movie, Star Wars: Rogue One.


From lighting to soft furnishings, bedding, kitchenware and more, Star Wars merchandise could infiltrate every room in the home. We love these gadgets for the home because they are quirky and a little different, and a little more exciting than an ordinary mug.


Death Star Mood Light RRP: £19.99

If you want to bring a little light into the darkness, then this Death Star desk light will do the job splendidly. It is fun, stylish and just a little kitsch.

LEGO Yoda Minifigure Alarm Clock: RRP £14.99

Feel the Force watching over you at home with the LEGO Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock. The perfect addition to every LEGO Star Wars collection, this Jedi decor features a digital, lighted display and alarm clock and is a great gift for any LEGO Star Wars fan.

BB-8 Lights: RRP £14.99

BB-8 lovers will adore this a cool little BB-8 light. The cute astromech droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is laser etched onto an acrylic panel, which when lit in orange LED gives off a 3D effect. It won’t fill a whole room, but it’s a cool little mood light or display piece and can be powered by USB or batteries.


Get the family gathered and the drinks flowing and have some festive Star wars fun.


Disney Force Awakens Lights: RRP £24.95

Think of Star Wars and you’ll think of a Lightsaber. There are many Lightsaber replicas to choose from on the high street ranging from £7 to over £200, but this toy version from Disney, modelled as Rey’s saber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is ideal for anyone aged 8 to 80. Whoever receives this gift will be eternally grateful to you.

Star Wars Monopoly: RRP £25.00

A best selling family game is always a hit and this Star Wars Monopoly is a great way to conquer the Star Wars galaxy. This hyperdrive version of the Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game allows players to be on the Rebel or the Empire side, with a mission to conquer planets and build bases to dominate the universe.



Lastly, if the Star Wars addiction of the man in your life is getting you down then why not have the last laugh and trawl the high street fashion chains for some novelty Star Wars merchandise specifically targeted at grown up men. A little more kitsch than cool you’ll find fabulous festive jumpers, cosy bathrobes and silly socks, perfect for anyone with a sense of humour a love of Star Wars.



Bag a bargain on Black Friday

If you’ve marked your calendar for Friday 25 November then you’ll know that this is the date of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. If you haven’t, then read on to find out why Black Friday is D-day to find the best deals on the high street, without making too much damage to your budget.


Black Friday is the best day of the year to go shopping, just as long as you’re wearing lots of comfortable and protective clothing and don’t mind fighting in the aisles. Whilst many retailers make their biggest amount of sales online there are plenty of savings to made in-store as well, so it is worth getting up early and hitting the streets. Some retailers and department stores will open as early as 6am although some will also start their deals earlier in the week, with the best discounts saved for Friday.



Black Friday is supposed to be bigger than ever in the UK this year, with British shoppers expected to spend more than £1bn on Friday 25 November itself. This alone is an indication of the massive savings that can be found on the high street, and a very good reason for you to get out of bed early.

Many department stores and retailers will be slashing prices on hundreds of products over Black Friday in a bid to offer the best deals. You can expect the usual big discounts on technology and electrical products, such as last year’s deals on coveted tech items like the Apple iPad and Macbook Pro products. High price tag items like household electrical appliances, large furniture items, designer fashion, handbags, luxury beauty products, fragrances and even toys will be discounted by the likes of Argos, John Lewis, Debenhams, Carphone Warehouse and Currys PC World.



It pays to be prepared on Black Friday and if you want to get the best deals then you have to be organised. Retailers last year started their Black Friday deals much earlier, and this year you will be lured by substantial discounts in a bid to persuade you to start your Christmas shopping early, so if you start to plan your spend a week in advance of the big day you are less likely to miss out.


  • If you feel like you’re going to overspend set a budget and do your planning and price comparisons on-line first. If you do your research and pinpoint what products and models you want well in advance, it will save you time on the day when you’ll have to act fast in-store.
  • Retailers such as Argos, Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse deals are already online with more discounts coming in-store on the day itself. If you’re after big-ticket gadgets such as televisions, laptops, cameras, smartphones, smartwatches, games consoles and tablets, be assured it will probably be discounted.
  • Sign up to store newsletters and follow your selected retailers them on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you get information on great deals as soon as they are announced.
  • Boost your savings by planning in advance how you are going to pay for your goods. Choose which cards you may use, whether it’s a cashback credit card or you’re collecting Avios, make sure you maximise on your spending by using the right card, and don’t forget to take your store loyalty cards along with you too.


It’s a bit too early to tell what deals will be available as retailers are very secretive about what they’re planning to discount until the week before at the earliest, but based on last year this is what to expect. Think cheapest ever PS4 deals and Xbox One prices, amazing prices on items like GoPro cameras and Google Chromecasts and of course crazy iPhone 7 deals. Not to mention incredible discounts on luxury fashion, beauty and accessories in department stores, and discounts in high street fashion and sports retailers.


Snap up some Christmas presents early at Boots, which last year launched hundreds of discounts and deals on beauty, perfume, toys and electrical ranges, and similar discounts will be in-store for 2016. They have revealed they will be offering shoppers a free Soap & Glory phone charger and mirror handy handbag kit with every purchase of two or more full sized Soap & Glory products in the run up to Black Friday. The best deals to look out for are on electrical goods like hair straighteners, shavers and electric toothbrushes, in particular from Braun, as well as products from premium beauty brands like Benefit, No7, Clinique and Estee Lauder. If you haven’t got an Advantage Card then get one now, as you’ll earn four points for every £1 spent in-store.



Argos’ Black Friday deals usually include technology with cheaper smartphones and tablets as well as toys and homeware. Last year for example, among the store’s offers were £100 off iPhones, £140 off GoPros and £100 off Cannon cameras, so expect similar this year. Argos is also providing more staff than ever before in-store; so don’t be afraid to ask for help.



Last year the UK’s biggest electrical retailer offered thousands of great deals from top brands including Nespresso, Dyson, HP, Bosch, Samsung, Sony, Beats and LG. They are renowned to be the best place for televisions, both for range and discounts. Last year Currys PC World offered savings of up to £600 on selected flat screen televisions selling thirty TV’s every minute! It is predicted that this year’s ‘deal of a century’ will be on the hottest tech items of year including Apple’s iPhone 7 to the latest 4K ultra HD curve TVs, so make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.



New Look has already launched their half price Black Friday deals. Some of the best offers from this much loved high street fashion retailer includes bargains from selected party wear from £4 to men’s footwear from £3. New Look will have deals rolling out in-store until 30 November with huge reductions off of hundreds of items including accessories, plus size and tall ranges. Look out for amazing reductions on heels, boots, dresses and glitzy jewellery, winter essentials from £3 including knitwear and outerwear from £10.


Black Friday deals at GAME include consoles, games and accessories and they are drip fed throughout the day in-store. Many gamers will be holding out for price cuts on newer consoles like the Xbox One S or PS4 slim, as well as discounts on best-selling games like FIFA 17 and Forza Horizon 3.



Check the department store Black Friday webpage for discounts on TVs and appliances, as well as furniture on the day itself. Until then they have up to 30 per cent sales on womens’ fashion and accessories, and are selling furniture and beds for up to half price on selected lines.



Last year Supermarket giant Tesco had to shut 250 Tesco Extra stores between midnight and 5am on Black Friday to allow staff extra time to prepare for the 24-hour sales spectacular. This is a huge indication of how their electrical and homeware products were discounted. Keep an eye on their Black Friday deals page online in preparation for your visit on 25th.



Expect savings on savings on coveted electrical items and gadgets. Last year Maplin had half price savings on headphones and audio, a third off wearable tech gadgets and 40% off of toys, ideal for those wanting to save on the Christmas shopping. There is likely to be deals on top brands like Dyson, Garmin and this year’s hottest brands.